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    Wondering whether anyone can help, this is my first cycle TTC.
    What does it mean when your not getting any CM?
    I've gone through and noticed all the normal CM changes, are now CD21 and I haven't noticed much CM at all in the past couple of days. Have been getting light cramps, toilet heaps, very tired. I thought I O about CD14, but now Im doubting it. What does no CM at all mean?

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    Welcome to the frustrating and confusing world of charting. Just a question for you and sorry if TMI. How are you checking your CM? I started using toilet paper and got nowhere so I do it internal now and notice a lot more CM and can notice the changes.
    Gee we share some weird details don't we? LOL.


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    Good point. I have only been checking by toilet paper and marks on knickers! I will start checking internally. Thanks heaps for your help. Its fantastic how we all can just ask and generally find an answer from people on the forum. Your right, it is a world of frustration and confusion! Thanks again

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