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Thread: new and can you help me

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    Default new and can you help me

    i dont know what is going on with my cycles
    I am on clomid and have been on clomid before to fall with my other childrena nd it worked like a dream back then
    i was always getting af every 28 days and took 3 mths each time and bingo i was preg

    Well i have been on clomid now going onto my 4th month when af shows her face
    But my cycles are all over the place the past 2 months they were here on day 35 but i am now up to day 39 and still no af
    every morning i wake up and feel like she maybe coming as i have small pains like af pains but no nothing happens all day

    I am getting blood teaken on day 23 to see if i had O that month and this is what they have been like
    1st mth NO O'ing
    2nd mth Yes i did O
    3rd mth No O'ing
    well why is this so ?????

    Has anyone else been on clomid and said there cycles have changed ???
    i really wish that she would show her face so i can move on and start round 4 on clomid

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    Hi Kellie,
    It is promising that Clomid has worked for you before!

    I have heard that on Clomid your cycles can vary greatly and slo ovulation can vary from cycle to cycle too. It is such a guessing game.

    Have you spoken to your Dr about it? Maybe you could take Provera or something to get AF to come?


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