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    Hi girls, just thought I'd join the ttc party, dh and I have been trying for #3 for 2 months and I'm currently on CD27. Silly me, I've already done a test 8-[ BFN of course, but it didn't put me off too much. I o'd on day 20 so I guess I should wait another week or so before testing again if AF doesn't arrive. So I'm looking for ideas to keep me occupied during tww.

    Me 29
    DH 34
    DD 4.5
    DS 3
    ttc #3

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    Welcome to Belly Belly Jonesy!
    Hope your stay in the ttc area is a short one, there are a few different forums but you might like to join in the ttc 1-6 months chat.
    Hope your journey is short and sweet.
    Love Cadence :smt039

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