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    amben Guest

    Default New with questions!!!

    Hi all,

    We aren't actively try for a baby yet but I am ever hopeful that I may be lucky and get pregnant quickly anyway!! I haven't been charting or anything but here is a breif timeline of how things have been happening and I am now waiting til after the weekend so i can test!!!

    22/01 took last blue pill
    23/01 AF arrived
    27/01 Af ended
    29/01 BD
    05/02 BD
    08/02 Woke up with ovulation type cramps ( I remember what it felt like before i went on the pill)
    09/02 BD
    11/02 Noticed pink colour in CM was browner by the end of the day
    12./02 cM still slightly brown
    Today CM back to normal. Having very slight crmaps today but not as strong as they sually are when AF comes.

    It is promising or am I setting myself up for a fall???



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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hi Ali and welcome!

    So you'd be 5 days past ovulation today?If so the cramps are a good sign of the egg implanting!Implantation normally happens 5-10days after ovulation.Most pregnancy tests work as early as 10dpo so you could do a test in another 5 days!

    Goodluck!! \/

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    amben Guest


    Thanks for replying Kirsty. I am trying not to be to hopeful so i am not crushed if AF comes!! We had decided to start trying in a few months so I have been taking folic acid for a while now and switched to elevit a day or so after my last AF left.

    I am trying not to read to much into how I have been feeling but I have had waves of slight nausea and today my nose is so blocked up its annoying and feel hot, I need to get my hands on a thermometer!!

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    Good luck amben! O

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    Welcome Amben and good luck with the HPT.

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