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Thread: newbie here question on CM

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    Default newbie here question on CM

    hi everyone just like to ask a few questions when my menstrual cycles wasnt normal before i use to get CM but now that my menstraul cycles have gone to normal 28 day cycle i dont get CM is there anyone that would know why.

    do u have to have that CM to fall pregnant because me and fiancee have been trying for over a year now but still no luck also is there anything that i can take to make me ovulate or any other remedies or vitamins that i can take to make me ovulate and get the mucus that i need.

    thanks sem79

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    Don't know if this is much help but when ever I had a 28 day cycle I had no CM and didn't ovulate (tested using OPK). My normal cycle length is 30-32 days and I always get CM and ovulate (according to OPK results).

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