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    Hi All, just wanted to say hi since I'm new here and tell a bit of my story in case anyone has been through similar things and wants to offer any advice.

    I'm 28, just got married in mid March which was also my 6 year anniversary of being with my husband.

    I stopped taking the pill at the beginning of March (4 months ago now) hoping for a fairytale honeymoon baby, but no such luck. Then again, my hubby only agreed to start trying "officially" last week as its taken him some time to get used to the idea.

    Since I am a nerd (hehe) I have a spreadsheet of my cycle (which is all over the place! 32, 33, 35, 48... currently CD 21, 14 days out from what I'm guessing is the end of my cycle, so assuming my alleged ovulation will be this weekend) and have been using an LH urine test almost everyday for 3 months. All negatives. Every time.

    I recall having stretchy mucus when I was a teenager, but not in a long time. Because of this, and the neg LH's I am convinced I am broken and will never have kids. Yes, I am a bit of a drama queen.

    My medical history is a comedy of errors. I am allergic to everything, have asthma and lactose issues, a history of stomach ulcers from stress, and a constant twitch in my left eyebrow, also from stress, and chronic pain in my right shoulder... yes, from stress. I went on the pill at around 17 because my cycle was just impossible to manage, however I have never had period pain, and am proud to have a "fast and efficient" 3 day bleed even though my cycle overall tends to be very long. So thats a positive thing!

    I had an Implanon rod in my arm for about 10 months in 2003-4, but had to get it out because it made me psychotic - crying all the time and bleeding constantly. Went back on the pill, using it to skip my period most of the time (generally only bleeding 4 or 5 times a year), so if something is wrong with me, chances are its my own fault.

    My little brother and his wife have a 4 month old daughter and my older sister is 9 weeks pregnant (and is getting married in 6 weeks!) - we always joked about being pregnant at the same time and having our kids in the same year at school, and I feel so... I don't know... sad, confused, desperate, obsessive, pathetic, broken, and a little left out because it hasn't happened for us first time like it did for them.

    Anyway, thats all about me, so HELLO! Hopefully someone will have some happy stories to help me cheer up some

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    have a good journey BB is a wonderful rescource I would suggest accupunture as it has help me alot


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    Butterfly_Princess Guest


    Hey there, and welcome!
    I have no light to shed on your situation, unfortunately, but i have confidence that some of the many lovely ladies here will.
    I do have a question though, have you tried temping?? (taking your temperature every morning and charting it to see patterns) This method helps to pinpoint ovulation etc. I found it very helpful with getting in touch with my body before and during trying to concieve.
    I hope to see you around

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    Welcome Manda!

    I'm sure you will find many resources here and a lot of helpful advice from women in similar situations. I know that many here ahve benefited from acupuncture with therapists specialising in fertility so you may want to look into that a bit further.

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    Hi Manda and welcome to BB!

    You have come to the right place.

    We have similar backgrounds

    I won't bore you with all my history but in short:

    - went on pill at 18 to regulate periods
    - came off pill 2 years ago at age 27
    - have not had a period since then
    - have an incredible amount of stress in my life and tend to get tense, retain stress, very easily

    What works for me is acupuncture - this stuff is AMAZING! I've been having weekly sessions for over a year and it is the only thing that has kept me sane (I'm doing a PhD, which is a major cause of my stress). So while I say I have a lot of stress, in the last year the acu has helped keep it under control.
    I also tried the acu for fertility but unfortunately it hasn't helped that (I suspect because my problems are quite complicated). Anyway we're about to start ovulation induction with Gonal-F so hopefully that will sort out getting me pregnant!

    I used to get the eye twitch thing too - yep, that is STRESS related for sure. Since the acu I haven't had it.

    I absolutely recommend you find an acu therapist and give it a go. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    I'm sure someone on BB can recommend a great therapist in your area - where are you from??

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    Welcome MandaB. You have definitely come to the right place. I hope the advice above can help you. You might also like to spend some time in the TTC forums - there are many supportive women (and some men) there who will be able to offer advice and a shoulder when needed.

    I hope that your BFP is just around the corner for you. Take care.

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    Hi MandaB

    Welcome, i hope you get a BFP really soon. I look forward to keeping up with you're story. I myself am new a planning to have a baby sooo maybe u can teach me a few things like being paitent lol

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    MandaB Guest


    Thank you everyone

    I will definitely look into Acupuncture! I live in Campsie in Sydney, so if anyone knows a good one there, let me know

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