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    hi, i wasnt sure where to post this, but here goes.

    About 4 years ago i had my left tube removed, i was told at the time that my right tube wasnt all that great, but conception was not completely impossible.
    In december 2005 i was started on clomiphene (clomid), i was kept on these for 12 months at 50mg days 2-7,aswell as having IUI for the final five months. This all ended in december 2006 and i was put on the waiting list for referal to the Ivf clininc. We are expecting to recieve an appoinment letter at the end of next month (april 2007). Since all this treatment ended i have been using the LadyQ saliva microscope to track my ovulation however it is always ferny and very ferny, i have been tested for pcos and i dont have it, all scans and follicle tracking have been fine aswell. I have my periods, however i am 3 days late today. I constantly do pregnancy tests, and this is why....
    For the last 2-3 months i have been feeling pregnant, in the last 6 months i have gone from weighing 7 stone to now weighing 10stone. For the last 3 weeks i have been getting weird feelings inside, as if a baby is moving, and i have even experienced the feeling of being kicked in the rib cage, or if i have my arm or hand on my stomache i will feel it on the outside aswell. I look about 28 weeks pregnant if not more. As i have been putting on this weight, my stomache isnt fatty, it is more bloated or swollen. I am also getting stretch marks. My breats have gone from a B cup to a D cup. I feel tired all the time. But I have had no sickiness in mornings, periods been present up untill now, and im threating that i will get my period this month (even though im late). I have no period pains or tender breast or change in CM, but i didnt for my last 3 periods till they showed up then i got the pains.
    All pregnancy tests say negative, and i dont want to go to the docs as there waiting lists for an appoinment take weeks and by which time i would have probably had my appoinment at the ivf clinic
    It has been suggested to me loads of times that i look pregnant, and if im not pergnant that maybe im having a phantom pregnancy.
    Im just looking for some advise, or if any one has experienced any of this aswell.
    thanks for reading this
    from georgette.

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    Is it possible for you to request a blood test or an ultrasound to see what is going on?

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    Hugs for you Georgette - it all sounds very stressful. Like Karina said, a blood test or ultrasound will proabably be the best course of action. Can you get an appt at a GP somewhere (even if it's not your regular GP) - they would be able to order a blood test for you.

    (Also moving this to General Conception - you may get more responses there)

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    thanks for shifting my message, and for the replies i have had so far. I still have no sign of period, so if still nothing by monday morning im going to the docs to insist i get fully checked. I just feel like im going mad, i have always been a small girl size 8(uk size) and now im fitting ino size 14 bottoms(uk size). it makes no sense to me, to just start putting on weight and looking the way i do now. Has any one else experienced anything like this befor, i would be really interested to know. I really do feel like im pregnant. All the signs are there, apart from neg pregnancy tests and periods been present up untill now, im 4 days late. But i feel im about 26-28 weeks pregnant, feeling kicks aswell. I cant explain my syptoms with any other logical explaination.

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