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    Hello everyone,

    Well i have been reading through other threads and now confidently feel up to posting about my situation as you all sound like very thoughtful people and when something like TTC is so personal it has taken me a while to now tell my story. I need some insight and advice.

    I feel like i should know all the answers as i have already had two children but at the same time i have lost 4 pregnancies in the first trimester. so as well as being successful at carrying babies i also feel like a failure.

    We have decided that now is the right time to start trying for our third child and we are so excited. In the past we have fallen straight away with no planning, charting etc just attempting at any rate.

    So i have come accross a few other problems with my body latley in particular my cycle so i thought i would share and see if anyone can offer any advice or insight.

    I have been on the pill since June last year and went off the pill on August 3rd mid cycle of my packet at day 14, my last period was July 20 (day 1) if i had of stayed on the pill i would of been due for Af on 17th/08 seeing as though i came off the pill i half expected to not see her, anyhow i had several signs of ovulation and have been known to ovulate twice monthly in the past but then on 19th - 21st August i had some spotting (no flow at all) for two days which i have never had ever before in my like (could this of been AF) . So this is weird for me. Now i have sore breast, very moody, and i am confused if this is coming off the pill signs.

    I have done two tests which show negative which i expected but know i would like to know how i know when to expect my period or should we just bed down until she shows up and from then chart my cycle.

    Can you see my confusion, thanks for taking the time to read my worries and i hope to be on these boards more often.

    Good luck to everyone who is trying...

    Bree x

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    Hey Bree, welcome to BB

    The biggest problem is that with coming off the pill, we all react differently. It could very well be that everything you've explained is due to your body regulating itself after coming off the pill. Some ladies here have had ridiculously long cycles straight after coming off the pill, so that can in a way be normal. I think if you are really worried about it, head off to the Dr and see what they say?

    Best wishes to you & hope to see you more around the TTC boards

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