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    Hi all,

    I have posted this in the intro section, but thought I'd post here too, seeing as I am TTC! Well, WE are..bit hard to do it by yourself I would imagine! LOL

    Anyway, DS is 10, and I am MORE than ready for a new family member!

    We have only been TTC for a short while now, but already I am feeling impatient and just wish the days would fly by until I know one way or the other!

    I'll keep it short, so, Good Luck to all of you TTC and I hope to be able to continue this exciting (but sometimes frustrating) journey with you!

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    Hey and welcome to BB... Good luck on your TTC journey... you should join one of the TTC buddy groups... (im in the 1-6 months TTC group...) the ladies in there are fantastic

    Best wishes

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    Hi there,
    Welcome to a great resource to TTC and maintaining support and positivity through this often trying journey.
    Look forward to hearing your progress.
    Good luck and I hope you get your BFP quickly.

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