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    HI, I am a first time poster........a brief history I was on the pill for 13years have been off for 14 months and TTC for just on 12 months. My cylce is pretty regular at Day 25/26.

    I recently had a Day 21 Prog test, the reading came back at 26 (not sure what a normal level is). As a result my Dr told me I wasn't ovulating (I always get EWMS day 11/12 which I pretty much thought you got before you ovulated so it came as abit of a shock when Dr said I wasn't) so she sent me to a gyno last week.

    After all sorts of things going through my head after what the Dr said Gyno said my prog reading was good and did a scan to check ovaries and uterus etc he said all looked good. Hubby did his 'swimmers' sample yesterday haven't got results yet.

    Just wondering what the next step is?

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    I have been in a similar position. After testing hubby's swimmers my gyno is now doing a laparascopy on me next week. Just to check the fallopian tubes etc. I am hoping all is well and thats the last test !!!

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    Firstly welcome to BB... Basically what Sammy said is right. Lets just hope you get some answers soon and then you are announcing your BFP soon!!!

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    Thanks Sammy, good luck next week with your laparascopy - hope all goes well. I have my next appointment next week as well for go through all of my latest blood tests and hubbys results.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome Tamara and my fingers are crossed for quick BFPs for all of us.

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