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    Hi everyone,
    I am pretty new to this site but have been TTC for some time now. I am ready for the next step and am seeing a gyno next week but am not sure what to ask or what the next step will be?
    I am pretty healthy, no real probs - just not getting preg and am a bit worried if they make suggestions that I won't have a clue what they're talking about. Would it be clomid/vitex or something like that?
    Can anyone give me some advice about what to ask or what to expect?
    Thanks all, you gals are all great!

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    Hi there. I'm not up to that stage myself yet but just wanted to wish you all the very best with your gyno appointment and hope you get a BFP very soon! I'm sure the more experienced girls here will be more than happy to help

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    They'll probably ask you some questions and they'll also ask about your partner. This'll be really basic stuff - like how old are you, how often do you have sex, have you had any immune problems/diseases etc etc. Don't laugh but apparently one of the most common reasons for subfertility is actually that couples don't have sex often enough.

    The first thing they do at my clinic is put you onto ovulation tracking. They would test your blood for hormone levels on around day 7 and then get you to come in for ultrasounds to see how your follicles are developing as you get closer to your ovulation day. Then when they think you are about to ovulate they'll tell you to DTD. This is incredibly effective for some women who just get the timing wrong. They'll probably also ask for a semen analysis. A friend of my fell pregnant first go for both her kids this way - having gotten the timing all wrong for a year prior to both when they were TTC on their own.

    If that doesn't work they then schedule a hysteroscopy and a laproscapy to check there's nothing wrong with the plumbing. It is day surgery and can reveal whether you have things like endometriosis, polyps, blocked tubes etc. Which they can then fix. Or it will come back absolutely fine (which I had) and then they categorise you as unexplained - usually IVF is given as an option then - or more tracking depending on what you want to do.

    There are so many options - depending on what the problem might be.

    We were doing ovulation tracking and didn't worry about DH's sperm because he had fathered children before but just before we got on to our second tracking cycle they rang us up and told us his swimmers were triple defected - so then we ended up on IVF using ICSI where they inject the sperm into the egg.

    Good luck with your appointment.

    YOu might want to write your questions down before you go. And don't feel afraid to ring them up afterwards to ask more questions if they occur to you afterwards. I always do and they always get back to me.

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