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    Default No time to waste!

    Oh wow and I thought things wouldn’t progress fast…
    I had my appointment with Dr Mark Bowman yesterday and I have to second the other girls here in saying that he is absolutely lovely.
    His office is close to my husbands work so we met and went together. We were both feeling a bit nervous before we went in but once I got in there I was feeling much better. Dr Bowman discussed our history first and looked at my previous test results. His initial conclusion was that I have Polycystic Ovaries. This isn’t that much of a surprise because blind Freddie could see them on the ultrasound. Just as he was about to start discussing our plan of attack, DH turned grey and nearly passed out. I think it was all a bit overwhelming. He sat in the waiting room for a little while, while we continued. Dr Bowman discussed my options and this is what the plan is:

    1. Have an initial blood test – done this morning!
    2. Take Provera for 10days
    3. Expect AF to arrive 2 days later
    4. On days 2-6 take 50mg Clomid
    5. Sometime between day 6 and 12 have an ultrasound (the one with the fluid dye to check my tubes – not sure of the name)
    6. BD like crazy between days 12-16
    7. Have a blood test on day 21…..

    That was all wonderful so I went home and got my scripts filled ready to start Provera this morning. Then things changed….After AF being MIA since the 17th Nov, she arrived last night. So I can skip step 2 and 3 and start taking Clomid on day 2 which is tomorrow!!
    I can’t believe things have happened so quickly! I am a little nervous about the side effects and also about the ultrasound which I plan to book in for next week but its all good news I think.

    Please send us some baby dust and pray that it will be first time lucky! [-o<
    Tink xx

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    Tinka that is exciting to start so soon. Happy BDing and best wishes.

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    HOw wonderful! Sending you lots of Baby dust to you!

    I hope all goes well for your scan.. Its called a HSG test !

    xoxo ANna

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    Hi Tinka

    Doesn't it drive you crazy how your body always has the last word! Good luck with Clomid. I have just finished my first cycle and tomorrow will be my CD21 blood test (wish me luck).

    There is a Clomid users thread somewhere here (not sure where). If you have any questions, or just went to share your experiences you could go to the Long Term TTC as there are a few of us on Clomid there.

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    Thanks Girls,
    Well I decided to take the Clomid at night rather than in the morning and last night was my first tablet. I feel ok today. A little hot but I recon that was just to the yucky train trip!
    Thanks again for all the advice and support.

    ps. After your advice I am not too worried about the HyCoSy now!!

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