thread: Not a BFP but maybe a P?

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    Feb 2011

    Not a BFP but maybe a P?

    Hey everyone.....

    This may be a stupid question but how early (DPO) can you get a BFP? We arent really trying atm but I've been feeling a bit bleh during the night (its waking me up) for the past two nights. So this morning when I got up i thought what the heck, and POAS. But, I didnt watch it because I was obviously expecting a BFN, so had my shower instead. I got out and got the shock of my life, a really faint line, like its barely there, a shadow that was slightly darker on the pee end. Question is, how quickly can evaporation lines appear? I wasnt in the shower THAT long, but did wash hair etc so maybe 15 mins? I used a spare Crystal Clear one I had laying around, the system one, not a strip, and i checked before, its still in date. Thing is I was only 6 DPO...... is it even possible?
    Any advice would be great, I've been mulling over this one all day.....I really dont want do go out and buy more tests yet because I will seriously go through heaps until I get an answer one way or another......

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    Jun 2010
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    It is too early to get a BFP at 6dpo. The embryo would not have implanted yet.

    As a side note, those tests are notorious for false positives. Dont use them!!!!

    Good luck

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    Exactly what N2L said. Too early and those tests are crap. Test again in at least 4 days with a FR

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    I got a false pos from one of those as well (grr) good luck for later though!

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    I've also gotten loads of evaps from Crystal Clear. I would ignore it, especially at 6 dpo.

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    Feb 2011

    Thanks ladies Just what I wanted to hear, it would have been a very welcome surprise, but it will be even better in a couple of months! Cant wait to get the wedding done an dusted so I can stop stressing about that and start enjoying TTC! Will test in a few days just to make sure though