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    Default not fair

    this morning my temp was still high at 36/6 which is great.

    but i thought i was 10dpo today...but im only 9

    i did FMU with ebay preg test and negative...i might wait til tom or friday to use the one from the shop.

    i was told to use discover early but they didnt have them here. I ended up getting pregnosis in the pink box cos it said "can test 5-10 days after the date of conception"

    my cramps stopped yesterday that abad sign? im now starting to lose all my positive energy and am preparing for the dreaded BFN

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    Danni your temps look great and there is no reason to have negative thoughts. Just relax sweety and don't test so early. Wait until AF is due and just occupy your mind with other things. No point testing early just to see a BFN.

    You sound like you are stressing which is no good. Just take a breather and relax and enjoy the possibility that you are pregnant.

    So no more tesing ok!!!! O

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