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    Default Not pregnant :(

    After having sore boobs for about a week, and just totally feeling that after 11 months, i was gonna be pregnant, AF came this afternoon. How do you all cope, month after month of getting let down I just feel like its never going to happen.

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    One day at at time - just some days are more difficult than others There is no magic way of coping unfortunately.

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    Hey Chrissy82,

    I am so so so sorry to hear AF arrived We all know exactly how you are feeling and what you are going through, its pretty tough isnt it? You get all the signs of being pregnant and then AF arrives, your body can play some pretty nasty tricks on you, as hard as it is you just have to pick yourself up and keep going,

    The way i try and look at it now is, yes i am trying to concieve and i am doing everything possible to make sure i know when i am ovulating and bding at the right times but at the end of the day i cant let it rule my life ( as hard as that is) as i have had one failed marriage due to fertility taking control of our lives and i wont let it happen to this relationship i am in now.

    I would rather be suprised to find out that i am pregnant then being disappointed, So please dont be to hard on yourself, and as they have tought me on this forum, your a cycle closer to get a so chin up sweetie and we are always here if you need to talk

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    very sorry to hear your news chrissy...
    hugs to you.
    Here's what helped me this month...
    wrote a list of things of good things about not being preg right now (eg could drink at celebrations, got to have more sex again next month and a few others - a bit lame I know)..
    Told myself I could go spend $50 on myself at the shops every time I got my period - so went and did that
    tried to think of a new project to start/something to keep me busy.

    I know none of this takes the pain away tho...
    best wishes to you

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    Thanks so much guys.

    ttcno2 - you have actually made me think about all the good things (more sex, lol, drinks ready for christmas, and not being sick over christmas )

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    look at it this was you have only had 11 goes at it ( just because it takes a month to have 1 go!!) and look forward to finding the right 0 time so you try again.

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    Chrissy, sorry you're feeling so down about TTC at the moment. I know it's hard and some months are worse than others. I find when I am busy and have a lot of stuff on, the cycles fly by and it doesn't have a huge effect on me. Then come those months when you have too much time on your hands and your mind starts going a million miles an hour over TTC etc.. IVF, as I have just discovered, is a whole other kettle of fish.
    I hope your BFP is just around the corner....when you're so busy with xmas that you don't realise AF is a week late, and when you do, you get that lovely 2nd pink line on your HPT!

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    Sorry to hear AF reared her ugly head. I know what you mean about the disappointment, month after month. It's really tough when it's something you want so bad but have no control over it happening.

    August/Sept was out last month of trying, we were then going to have a rest until the New Year, I really believe that helped take the pressure off and one of the reasons I fell pg...

    Good luck with your ttc journey, I hope you get that BFP soon and go on to having aH & H pg

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    Thanks heaps guys. I know we have only had 11 goes and i know some of you have been trying a lot longer than we have, and i really feel for you guys. I might have a talk to hubby too and see if over the xmas period we should just have a rest and enjoy our holidays together

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    Hi Chrissy

    I have been reading about your efforts TTC - please don't feel alone. My partner and I have been TTC since Jan 06 and I am about where you were last week: AF due tomorrow - temps have been really high and no sign of going down (fingers crossed) - and I did actually ovulate this month (which seems to be an issue for me). I did a PT on Tuesday and it was negative. I have been wanting to do another but my DP has suggested I wait until my AF is late - he is the sensible one at the moment!

    We are heading overseas to spend Christmas with my brother and his family. The first time we have had Christmas together for more than 20 years (he has lived OS for 18+ yrs!) and I was looking forward to a special time being made even more special knowing that we were pregnant. As the months have dragged on the realisation has come that my plan/dream is not going to happen and that this is my last chance this year as I won't be taking temps etc while we are travelling for 5 weeks. But I guess it will mean I can enjoy some drinks at Christmas and New Year without worrying.

    Take care Chrissy and know that we are all here supporting you.


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