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Thread: Not sure what to do!

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    aloolou Guest

    Default Not sure what to do!

    Hi, I'm new on here! Was hoping someone would be able to give me some advice.

    My last period was on the 25th of March, and my dp and I had been dtd every other day or so around my regular ovulating time.

    In the last week or so I've noticed my boobs getting bigger and a little sore (I thought I was going crazy when i noticed the size increase until dp pointed it out also) I've been going through days where i'm totally exhausted and then get insomnia at night. I have noticed i'm more moody and been feeling a bit sick in the stomach (I'm not sure if this is generally associated with it, but I had a temperature the other day, found out when I went to the docs because I threw a sickie at work and needed a certificate and he just happened to take my temp). In the last 24 hours I've had a fair bit of pain in my tummy, not the same as regular AF pain.

    I'm due for AF on the 22nd, so really only 3 days to wait and see if i'm late, I have a 28 day cycle that always runs like clockwork. I'm not sure if these symptoms are just associated with something else or if I could be pregnant..

    Is it too early to test? Shoudl I just wait it out?


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    paradise lost Guest


    Hey aloolou,

    Welcome to bellybelly!

    These all sound like positive signs to me

    It is not "too early" to test - some women DO get a positive test on the 10th or 11th day after ovulation, but if you DID get a negative it might not be the truth. Because the hormones usually take a few days after implantation to build up enough to give you a positive test a negative today might not mean anything...

    So if you can take the results with a pinch of salt (i.e. not get upset if it's a negative) then by all means test! If you're nervous about seeing a negative, maybe wait and see if AF shows herself in the next few days and if not then do a test then.

    FWIW i never got a positive until AF was 4 days late, though i'd O'd later than usual that cycle.

    Best of luck hun!


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