Just thought I'd post this as I've been doing some in-depth research pertaining to my personal issues - but I had no idea that some anti-inflammatory drugs could affect fertility! :eek:

I regularly use Nurofen Plus becuase of migraines that I get when AF arrives. But apparently there is some consensus out there that it can interfer with O and cause what some classify as LUFS (luteinizing unruptured follicle syndrome) - when all the signs to measure O indicate it has occurred but it actually doesn't. Some doctors claim it is responsible for some women's "unexplained infertility".

I suffer from a short LP and LUF is just one explanation for this occurance. Of course my taking Nurofen may have no effect on my LPD but I'll be giving it a miss next cycle anyway.

Anyway, I don't want to unnecessarily worry any of you out there but just thought I bring it to your attention.