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Thread: Oestrogen Levels - Optimum Levels for Ovulation??

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    Default Oestrogen Levels - Optimum Levels for Ovulation??

    So Iíve just started seeing a fertility specialist and Iím currently have blood tests to track my oestrogen levels. I have to have an ultrasound when my level get higher and I am close to ovulation.

    Monday Ė level was 200
    Wednesday (yesterday) Ė level was 220

    I have to have another blood test tomorrow, as my levels arenít high enough yet to have the ultrasound.

    What are optimum oestrogen levels for ovulation to occur effectively?


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    Firstly I want to say good luck with your FS. I hope you get a nice BFP very soon. I believe a nice mature follicle should be showing a level of around 1000. Please anyone correct me if I am wrong but I am sure I remember that is what it should be.


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    Wow! That's really high!

    Thanks ktgirl for your best wishes.

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