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    Hi All

    Well I've booked the specialist appointment - only been trying for 5 months, but through charting and a few blood tests have come to realise I am having some fertility issues.

    My luteal phase is about 9 days, and I have been told this is because the corpus luteum (sp??) is not producing enough progesterone because the egg was faulty. This has happened 4 cycles in a row!I have been taking vitex and B6 for 2 cycles but no results from that yet.

    Anyway, my question is what can i expect from the specialist and what sort of time frame, minimally, can i expect before things get sorted. I realise this is a pretty broad question but perhaps some of you out there can give me an idea of what to expect.


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    When I went to the specialist I was armed with my FF charts so all she did was refer me a gynie and do a sperm test for my DH.

    My gynie did an internal ultra sound and sent me off for blood tests.

    The results showed I had PCOS so now I am to start clomid.

    Hope this helps a bit. Let us know how you go.


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    Same as Nurse Dan - my specialist sent me off for an U/S and blood test and also did a PAP Smear there and then. Been seeing him for the last 12 months - just got a referral for another 12!

    Definitely recommend that you take all your charts, diaries and any other observations you have. I have been taking my FF charts to him and he is amazed by the technology! In any respect this gives you something really definite to show and talk about.

    Anyway, the specialist will move as quickly or as slowly as you want. For me it is/was trying to get answers of why I don't have a shorter cycle and why I am not o'ing, rather than start Fertility drugs immediately.

    My only advice is make sure you understand what you are being told, or the tests that you will be sent off for.

    Hope your journey is a short one.

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    Aussie_Chik Guest


    Thanks for your replies everyone. Confirmed the appointment this morning - so we're off to see him next week. I suspect it will be a full cycle of blood tests, so I shall be very interested to see what that shows.

    Am 9-10dpo today and according to previous cycles expecting AF anytime now, but don't feel like she's coming. My short LP is the reason for the FS appointment. Wouldn't it be great if it started to correct itself. Maybe the Vitex and B6 has started to work this cycle - fingers crossed.

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    Good Luck with your appointment, let us know how you get on. It could be something i need to do shortly. It would be so lovely if you did have a longer cycle this time.

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    Well made it through another day without AF rearing her ugly head. If I make it past today this cycle will definately have been at least an 11 day LP and my BOM (Billings ovulation Method) online instructor tells me this means it was fertile cycle. A bit headachey today so should could come anytime soon I guess.

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