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Thread: Only a tiny amount of blood...could I be?

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    Default Only a tiny amount of blood...could I be?

    Hey everyone...I just wanted to get someone elses opinion on this one

    I am breastfeeding so my period is here there and everywhere. Yesterday I had a really small bleed of really dark red blood and absolutely nothing since. No cramps, no bloating like I usually get when I am getting my period. My hubby and I had unprotected sex about 2 weeks ago (we are not trying not to have another bub ) Do you think this could be an implantation bleed?? I am really confused right now. I would just love someone elses experiences if they have been through this.

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    I haven't been in your place, but I'd have to say It's possible that you could be PG. If you take a test in about 3-4 days, you should know for sure, one way or the other. I believe I read on someone else's thread recently that testing 18 days after unprotected sex should be enough time to give a definite result.
    All the best!

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