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Thread: OPKs or temping??

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    Question OPKs or temping??

    Hi Girls,

    Currently ttc #2. Have started using opk's and have gotten positives on cd15 (last cycle) and cd13 (this cycle). My cycles are still a bit screwy following a missed m/c in March and lap surgery on left ovary in late May.

    Anyway, my question is, if I am successfully using opk's (and am also having blood test tracking this cycle) do you think it is still necessary to be charting my temperature?? I really want to avoid this if possible but how many of you would recommend this over using opk's or in conjunction with opk's??

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    Hi Bel

    I'm no expert, but I think if you are getting positive OPKs and you know when to test then you probably don't need to chart as well. I'm doing both only because my chart is haywire so I'm looking for clues from either sources. It's fab that you're getting positive OPKs though!

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    I would probably chart as well to give you an idea of what your before and after O patterns are for future reference.

    If you weren't having the bloodwork done I certainly wouldn't recommend that you rely solely on OPK's simply because it is possible to have multiple fertile appearing times in your cycle without actually popping the egg.

    The ONLY conclusive proof of ovulation is a) a clear thermal shift of temps b) bloodwork and c) pregnancy.


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