thread: ovarian cysts

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    ovarian cysts

    hi girls,
    Well it has being a while since i have used this site. I found out i have a cyst on my left ovary and may possible have to have it removed. Does any one else know much about cysts or having them removed?


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    Racheal, I've just moved your thread to General Conception Chatter.

    I'm not familiar with cysts at all, so can't help. I'm sure someone else will pop by that will be able to though.

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    Hi Rachael and welcome to Belly Belly!

    I don't suffer from ovarian cysts but my Mum did.
    When she was 16 she had half an ovary removed due to cysts. She told me she knew she was ovulating due to pain so when I was conceived she knew she was pg.
    It took a few years to conceive my brother and after he was born she had the other ovary removed.
    I think these days the Drs know a bit more about things like that.

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    Hi Racheal

    sorry to hear about your cyst. truly hope that surgery is not necessary, but if it is I hope that all goes well for you.

    I was told that I had a cyst and would have to be operated on and when I had to go to have it removed, it had apparently disappeared!! Weird, huh! They say that sometimes your body can reabsorb it, or something like that 8-[


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    Maya Guest

    Me too ! Me too ! I just had an ultra-sound yesterday. The radiologist suspects endo on my right ovary and cysts on the left which he believes will require sugery to to remove it

    I just posted this topic in the Long Term TTC too. Anyway, I have NO symtoms whatsoever. NONE. I have regular cycles, no extreme pain during AF, no facial hair problem, no pain during BD.. FF indicates ovulation every cycle.

    mum2boys: Thank you for your resonose. It gives me ample hopes as it has been draining since the ultra-sound. Your story is remarkable and very encouraging. How long were your surgeries? Unlike you, I have not been so lucky; been TTC for over 15 months now.

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    Hey Maya there is a thread where ladies with PCOS or endo can post and those ladies may have more info for you. Here is the thread


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    Hi racheal!

    I'll see if I can get my sister to post in here as she suffered from cysts on her ovaries while she was a teenager (before she was sexually active). She'd get one everytime she'd ovulate and it would burst. She used to be in pain a great deal - before they diagnosed it they suspected appendicitis amongst other things. Not nice. The doctors decided to put her on the pill since she was so young and not wanting to conceive at the time, it did help though.
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    Sorry to hear what happened to you Racheal. but I agree with KeenAs, it could dissappear the next month because that happened to me, twice! So maybe don't panic yet!

    Doctor normally should advise you to wait for 6 weeks to do another ultra-sound and it most likely will resolve itself - dissappear. did you doctor ask you to wait for 6 weeks Rachael or he recommended to have surgery straight away? Hopefully, it will dissppear!! Keep us posted!


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    ovarian cyst

    thank you all for you thoughts and kind words.

    I have had the pain since october last year although according to my last scan the cyst has shrank in size. fingers crossed i go back to my doctor next monday.