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Thread: ovulating late& pregnancy

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    Default ovulating late& pregnancy

    i have read if you ovulate late ,and concieve there is more chance of misscarage ,has any one become pregnant late in there cycle and been fine.I am asking because last month i was 35 days

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    Orianna, I don't know if you have had any testing done but a luteal phase defect can cause what you describe. If you are not pg at the moment (sorry I can't tell by your post) it is worth getting this checked out and corrected. If you are pg, try not to worry ... hope that everything will be okay.

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    With my last PG I ovulated on CD21 (on Clomid) and ended up with a healthy baby boy. With my current PG I O'd on CD29 (no Clomid this time) and I'm nearly 14w PG.

    Good luck!

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