thread: Ovulating - to tell or not to tell?

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    Ovulating - to tell or not to tell?

    Just wondering what sort of results TTC'ers have had by keeping the red hot ovulation days hush. Potentially I am starting to think this could be making things a bit stiffer (excuse the pun)

    It doesn't seem to be a problem, but definately in the air iykwim. Thing is, I'd just give it a go but DF is so onto everything, asks the temp every morning and is starting to get better at all the signs than me!

    Anyone notice much difference?

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    Yeah my my DH is onto it by now too...he isn't quite into asking what my temp is but he knows when i am a little more persistant.... but the good thing is that we have been trying for long enough now that he really wants it too so its all on when its all on...earlier in the TTC journey it got hard work (all those puns) but i just had to make sure we did fun things as well not just getting into position and dtd...(IYKWIM)

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    I tell DH, but that's because we're not yet TTC, though I have to fight him off with a stick around that point and during my LP. However, he doesn't want to know how I know nor does he want to know any more about it other than a "not tonight dear, I'm ovulating". However, it does make him trust me a lot more about the fact that I'm not going for a baby by stealth! I get too excited during my TWW if he comes near me at the right time, condom or not, so it's easier for us just to do nothing then.

    When we get round to TTCing I'm going to not tell him and just wear pretty underwear at the right time. Well, I always wear pretty underwear but I know what he likes. He doesn't like knowing anything about reproducion, be it hormones, ovulation, AF or mucus, so can't see him getting into temperatures either. Don't know if I'm very lucky or not with that!

    DH won't get excited until I get to week 7 and tell him that I'm very late, or until I throw up, so then we'll just have to wait up to another eight months to see if we are going to be parents!