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Thread: Ovulating without AF

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    Default Ovulating without AF

    Is it possible to regularly ovulate without having AF? I know you can ovulate once without realising it (like if you are breastfeeding), but I was always under the impression that once you did ovulate either you got PG or AF arrived. So can you ovulate month after month but not have AF at all? And if you can what would that mean in terms of the uterine lining? Would there be problems with it being too thick or too old to support a baby?


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    Very good question Angel. I'd be interested in finding that out too. I always wondered if when you first start your periods, do you ovulate first and then AF, or do you get AF first and then start ovulating? At high school we always argued that technically you could get pregnant before your first acutal period if you ovulated first.

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    I think I saw a post somewhere recently that Kelly is ovulating monthly without getting AF.

    Angel - I also thought when you ovulate Af would always arrive unless off course you happened to get pg in that month, it`s very confusing.

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