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Thread: Ovulation pain??

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    Default Ovulation pain??

    Ive never experienced this before, but today I had really intense cramps, not throbbing cramps like AF pain, but just constant pain in that area. I mentioned it to one of my friends at work today (she has MS and has been through everything under the sun poor thing) and she asked me if i was on the pill (which Im not, its my first regular cycle off it, and Im on CD 13) and she asked me my dates, and seeing as its smack bang in themiddle of my cycle, she said it might be my body ovulating.
    I always thought ovulation was on one side or the other, this sort of felt centralised, maybe slightly to the left, but it was just really intense, for maybe 1.5-2 hours, but seeing as Ive never felt it before, im not sure??

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    oh and feel free to look at my chart and offer any opinions

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    It is possible that it may be ovulation pain. You have had a temp drop and a rise. However your temps would need to KEEP rising over the next few days and get above your pre-ovulation temps for it to be considered a thermal shift and for you to get your crosshairs.

    Did you know that pain associated with ovulation is called Mittelschmerz? German and literally translates to "middle pain". Not because the pain is in YOUR middle but because it generally comes mid cycle.


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