thread: Ovulation spotting?

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    Ovulation spotting?

    Was wondering if anyone has ever had ovulation spotting and what does it look like? Ive had brown spotting for 5 days now and today its gone except when i do #2s (sorry TMI) it was a bit stretchy but was brown. Is this oulvation bleeding and if it is how many days does it last for. If not what could it be? I thought it was implantation spotting first but have done two hpts one on the sunday when it started and one on tuesday both BFN. Could i have PCOS?? Do you get brown spotting like this when you have that, ive heard you can and it means you've got cysts. Im waiting till after the wend to see if my af come and if not im going to the Docs but can anyone help me with this as im a bit worried.

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    May 2005
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    I had some ovulation spotting in my first and second cycle off the pill.
    First time it was 1 day and second time it was about 3-4 days I think. I think it was just my hormones rebalancing.

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    Mar 2004

    AFAIK a HPT wouldn't work if was implantation bleeding because your body doesn't start making the pee-stick hormone (HCG) until after implantation.

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    rebecca27 Guest

    Thanx for your thoughts, im going to test again on saturday if i dont get my af. The other wierd thing is that going by my temps i havent ovulated yet but going by my cm signs i od on cd26 which is normal. So if i havent o'd what could it be?