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Thread: ovulation and strange pains?

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    clare076 Guest

    Default ovulation and strange pains?

    Has anyone ever experienced a really achey back during ovulation??? It has never happened to me before but it is killing me. I am pretty sure I am ovulating today. (EWCM)


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    Clare - Sorry, but i can't help you with the back pain, but the EWCM is the best sign for predicing ovulation. Could it be that maybe you just pulled a muscle or something. Good luck and i hope you catch that eggie.....

    PS. I love your DD's name. I've always wanted to call my daughter Shelby after seeing Steel Magnolias, but when i mentioned it to DH, he didn't like it. Oh well, i'm still waiting to get a baby and by that time maybe i can change his mind. Love it...great choice...

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    tiamiami Guest


    I can say yes I get a backache the day before ovukation and the day I ovulate along with ECWM.

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    Hi Clare, I get slight back ache and abdominal cramps and a weird tingly feeling on whichever side I'm ovulating from.

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    I can't persnally say i have suffered from a sore/achey back when I was going to O but EWCM is definitley a good sign you are ging to O. Good luck I hope you manage to catch the egg.

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