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    Just a quick question, has anybody experienced continued ovulation symptoms 9dpo, I am currently at that stage and the cramps are still intermittent, headaches still persisting, boobs still sore. (I always get these things mid cycle so assume they are related to ovulation)

    Has anybody experienced this from ovulation until the beginning of your next cycle (without being pregnant).

    Thanks in advance.


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    No but i get nauseated after i ovulate until af shows. Which is really annoying, i'd kinda like to be pregnant if i was going to be sick.

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    Thanks for responding, I wasn't going to worry this cycle after lasts ended in miscarriage but I can't help myself, 11dpo and still with the cramps (but they occur on both sides) sore boobs/armpits which is weird for me....will just have to wait and see, I don't know how long ovulation symptoms last for, but from beginning to now it has been 11 days.

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