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    Question Pap Smears

    Thought Id post this because of what happened last night and give you some background.

    On wednesday went and had some initial tests done with my GP. Had an internal, swab and pap smear. I found it more uncomfortable and only a little painful. The GP did say that my was probably beacause of my cervix & looks like ovulation is very close. I was still uncomfortable for about a hour afterwards but it went away.Late that night I went for about a 4km walk. It was warmish and I am getting back into exercise as my NYE resolution! The cramps started about half way into the walk. I then rested andlater on we DTD not wanting to miss the boat on Oing. It was uncomfortable and wasnt that enjoyable no matter which way we tried. Nothing like persistant DH!

    Yesterday I felt fine all day apart from a few odd cramps here and there. I put it down to ovulating, however FF gave me 3dpo yet CM is only EW now, no + opks and only a low score on the monitor. I cooked chicken which i had left in the frige to defrost, then defrosted the last little bit in the microwave. I cooked it the normal way I do, and probably cooked it a little longer than normal. After dinner, went to the loo, did a few other things. And then went to the loo again cramps started. Across both side of my ovaries, throbbing & like a pulling feeling. I could hardly stand up it was so intense (yes i am a woose too btw) I felt really hot and could feel myself sweating. Got to the bed, and laid down, felt extremely ill,DH got me some panadol and then proceeded to throw up dinner after about 10mins of being there, which hurt my lower stomach even more. I had thrown up the panadol too. I basically stayed there for the rest of the night , this started around 7pm. DH actually said I felt hot, which from someone who always is hot, I must have been for him to even notice that.

    Im wondering if anyone has felt ill after a pap smear or do you think it was just something dodgy I ate? Im going back to my Gp on saturday anyway, but just wonderifn your thoughts before then.

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    HI sunny!!

    i felt really uncomfortable around O- just like you described- it was really uncomfortable to BD cause i was so sore. I also got the pain you described ana i think it was implantation after O.

    anyway this doesn't really answer you q but i thik it was O!!


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    Im not sure but you poor thing that sounds horrible... *hugs* I hope the dr can get you some answers.

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    I cant really say I felt ill after my last pap smear, but I did feel a bit dodgy. I put it down to the evil nurse who took the swab. She was rough and didnt tell me what she was doing and it hurt. I had bleeding afterwards, but just spotting really and i think I felt yuk because the whole experience was just yuk.

    Maybe you were feeling off and crampy because of O. I dont really know about the chicken - I often defrost it in the fridge like you did and i havent been sick before from it.

    Hope you are feeling better now though.

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