HI Ladies

First I would like to say that I really enjoy coming in here and reading these posts. We have been TTC for over 3 1/2 years now...

At the moment we are going through a very stressful time as we are FINALLY selling our business. The stress and pressure is too much for us, so we have decided money isnt everything and are exiting quick smart. We are also seeing a naturopath in Ourimbah who is great, but taking all those herbs and the like when you are stressed and tired and could not be bothered, leaves me to the imagination if they are going to work. Anyway, we will try anything at this stage before we get to the IVF chanel.

We have both started at the gym, as a means to de-stress and hubby to lose weight. I have been going hard core, coz i think well i dont want to stop my routine in case i get pregnant, as I had put off joining the gym for so long in case I fall pregnant. Ive learnt not to hold anything back anymore coz life is too short, and i may have to accept somewhere down the line that really my dream may never reach reality.

OK, sorry for the long post. On 31st March, 1st April, 2nd April I got little spotting. On the (3rd April), 2 days earlier than my 'supposed period' I got abit of red blood on panty liner and when i went to the loo some blood ran into the toilet (sorry tmi). But very little. Day after (4th April) I spotted and got sore boobs. I dont get sore boobs pre-period. I had to actually sit down and compose myself. But the pain went away just as it came. Today, (5th April) I was supposed to get my period but got nothing. I woke with the liner having abit of brown blood. So, do I classify as my period to be the day when i got the most blood, but it was so little...and just think that i got them 2 days early for only 1 day? (I normally have a VERY LIGHT FLOW and it goes for only 2 days and Im pretty spot on like clockwork every 28 days). Or could this be due to the fact that my hormones are spinning due to the increase in the excerise I am doing at the moment coupled with the stress of the business?

I havent bothered testing for pregnancy, coz gut feeling says Im not, and I vowed myself I will never test until i was absolutely sure so as to not go thru the heartache again.

Thanks girls - waiting to thear from you!