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Thread: PG or not? HELP!!!

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    Question PG or not? HELP!!!

    We have been TTC 4 months and always 28 days cycle - AF arrives every 4th Saturday! Its now Monday and no AF - but I do have a back ache and a drawing feeling(down below)? I have done 3 HPT's (2 yesterday and 1 this morning) all BFN! BUT ... when I ejected the cartidge from the digital HPT I thought I could see a REALLY faint line? My BBs are getting sore (they aren't usually with AF) - but the back ache etc are giving mixed msgs? Any advice or ideas gratefully received! Could I be PG?

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    Hey Kyliejane

    It is possible that you could be preg and that have not produced enough HCG yet to register on a test, I would wait a couple more days then test again, try the Discover One Step, or First Repsonse Early Tests, as they test for lower levels of HCG.

    With the faint line, it could be an evapouration line, ie how long after testing did you find it, and does it have colour to it? If is was more than the allocated timeline (as on the packet) and has no strong colour to it I would be more inclined to think it is an evapouration line.

    The sore BBS could be a sign, I only had one sharp pain in the middle of the night at about 7DPO, mine didn't get sore at all - just grew!! But we are all different and it is very hard to tell the difference sometimes!

    Either way, try testing Wed or Thursday with one of the early tests.

    I hope you get your

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