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Thread: Please explain?

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    Question Please explain?

    Hi Ladies.
    This my first time using this forum. I had my last period May 3rd to May 7th/8th.
    It is now the 11th of June and I have been experiencing extreme hunger and mild waves of nausea for a couple of weeks now, as well as a foamy, weird taste in my mouth. I am also encountering the occassional cramping. My periods are usually regular, so I strongly suspect that I am pregnant, however it is over a month since my last period and the PG test I did thismorning was neg. Have I waited long enough?? How much longer do I have to wait to find out for sure? This is my first time at this so perhaps it will take longer for the preg hormone to show? I'm finding it hard not to get excited but I don't want to dissappoint myself! Any response appreciated!

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    Hello and welcome to BB.

    Firstly, I am hoping that your cycles are spot on 28days long, otherwise I can't tell if you are testing too early...does that make sense?

    Normally when you have a normal 28day cycle you ovulate 14days after 1st day of period and then get your period 14 days later.

    So here is my math...

    If your last LMP was the 3rd of May, then you should have ovulated on May 16th, and your period should be due on the 30th May... so techinally you are VERY overdue for your next period.

    But... if your cycles are longer then you could still be testing too early...

    Test again tomorrow morning with FMU and if its a Negative, I would make an appointment to see your DR if your cycles are very regular!!


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    A home pregnancy test should usually give a positive result by the day your period was due - but if not then, can show up a few days later. The best way to tell, of course, is to go off and have a blood test which will definitely pick it up by this stage.

    Fingers crossed you have been successful!

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    Hi Jellybean...welcome to BellyBelly....

    I agree with the other girls. My current cycle and am also way overdue with AF, like 2 weeks, and i was having some pg symptoms too, but my HPT's were coming up -ive. I was also on Clomid to stimulate ovulation, so my periods are pretty regular whilst on this....To ease my mind i went and got a blood test to check. It turned out that i am not pg, but obviously just having a long cycle...

    I am really hoping for you that you are pregnant, but yeah..i'd go see your gp to a) confirm whether you are pg or not, and b) if you aren't they can check you out to see if there is anything else going on....

    Good luck and i hope to see you announcing a BFP in the Pregnancy Announcement Threads soon....

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