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Thread: Please Help - HPT Confusion

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    Default Please Help - HPT Confusion

    Hello all - yep it's me again! I hope you are all doing really well and are not doing your heads in during the 2ww

    My fiance and I DTD twice over the weekend when I ovulated so it is possible that we conceived, but I need your advice.

    Have any of you used Crystal Clear Pregnancy tests before? It says on the box No. 1 HPT manufacture or something, but I bought it because it was blue ink and on the results were clearer/darker on the blue ones than the pink ones (I know it's a bit sad - I'm doing POAS HPT research now!!!). I was wondering what sort of results you got with this test?

    I took two confirm tests one on Friday morning, one on Saturday morning and on both days I saw an incredibly faint shadow by the end of the ten minutes and then a few hours later it was a definite clear pink line so I disregarded it as an evap.

    I took a crystal clear test (it's a + | test not a | | test) testthis morning though and then retested using the same urine because I couldn't believe my eyes - a faint line appeared within 2 minutes on both of them!

    BUT - I have been having those crampy pains in my tummy for the last day and a bit indicating that AF is on her way, so what the??!!

    Have any of you had AF like cramping when AF would be due when you were pregnant? AF is now on the 4th day of being late if I was on a 28 day cycle (but I'm a bit irregular. Been around 28-30 days the last 3-4 months though). Is it possible that the Crystal Clear Tests aren't accurate?

    I'm sorry for the essay - I just got a bit of an unexpected shock this morning! We've been TTC for nearly 2 years

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    I have used crystal clear tests and they didn't give me an evap line when I wasn't pg and gave me a good strong line when I was definately pg. So I would say congratulations is in order.
    Regarding the cramping, perfectly normal to get what feels like af cramping.

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    Oh My God.

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    Congrats Spuddles!

    I have just got a Pos result on 2 tests yesterday and I have the same cramping as you are having - its very confusing! But I have read that you can have cramping when pg and it can last for a while, So fingers crossed for both of us!!
    Sorry didnt really answer your question about the type of test - but thought that you would like to know that im going through the same things!

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    I agree with Nic, I got a good + with crystal clear. AF type cramping can also be normal. I'm still getting odd twinge and a heaviness in my pelvis, once you know what it is, it is reassuring.
    I hope the line keeps getting darker, but you might like to make an apponitment with your GP for a BT and a quiet, little congratulations are in order.

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    Thank you Kate - It's always so comforting to know that someone is going through the same thing as me - it was really sweet of you to post

    Thank you for your congratulations Charlotte - I'm nervous as hell about evap lines - I've had a couple of experiences where I thought I was pregnant with AF 8 days late etc etc and I'll never know if it was evap lines or a chemical pregnancy. I've also had tests for infertility, my doc wants me to have a laproscopy (and suprise surprise, I'm not jumping up and down at that idea!!) because I apparently have some cysts on my ovaries. I am still worried it's not accurate (although, this is the first time I've had a result in 2 mins!) so I'm going to buy more this afternoon and see if I test positive in the morning... Fingers Crossed. I'm actually a bit scared... is this normal? When you've wanted it so badly for so long??

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    Congratulations Spuddles! I haven't heard anything bad about Crystal Clear, and have used it myself with accurate results. And yes, you will feel cramping like AF is coming any minute - I always found they were stronger than real AF cramps. It is just your uterus starting to accommodate it's precious cargo.

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    Wow congratulations are in order!!!!!! A job well done luv! hehehee All the best to u for a happy and healthy pregnancy

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