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    Default PMS going away

    For the last few days i have had menstral cramps and quite tender breasts (im due in about 3 days now) but this morning and so far today i have nothing (bb's a little tender still) but no cramps. I have been doing some research about the position of the cervix and all that stuff and although it says your cervix isnt a reliable indicator... mine is still very high (i can only just reach it) and my CM is still very white and creamy.

    this 2WW thing is HELL,, did anyone else have this happen to them this close before their period whilst experiencing AF pains (the type where i thought they were here) but didnt come?

    I have a HPT to do but its scary.

    **Edit** the breast tenderness seems to be at the top - feels like bruising and they arent heavy liek they usually are before AF (normally it hurt so bad when i didnt have a bra on - before AF)

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    BFN 11DPO - Such a shame

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    Hi 12Bliss,

    I haven't experienced what you are describing, but I wanted to say sorry to hear your test was BFN...... I would test again in the nest few days if AF doesn't show up.

    Good luck

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    Tested again BFN 12DPO ! Still no sign of AF AND still no symptoms (Cramps came for a little while yesterday) but non today....

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