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    Sorry for the double post here but this has got me thinking..

    I'm new here so bare with me regarding the acronym's.

    I've just started TTC and i get ovulation cramps each month and spot on 14 days later AF visits. This month I DTD and noticed afterwards what i can only assume was CM. 1.5 days later i got cramps so i'm assuming that was OV but i'm not sure if i could have caught the egg wih the BD 1.5 days beforehand. I also DTD the day after OV cramps (wasn't possible on the actual day) so not even sure if that is a chance of catching it.

    I bloat or swell really badly when i OV and also for day 1 or 2 of AF but this week i'm really bloated and still am. It's got me thinking now but earlier in the week i'd thought for sure I'd missed the eggie and was working out my dates for next month. I'm wondering now if I'm grasping at straws or not and I really don't want to get my hopes up here. Also noticing that things haven't "dried up" if you know what I mean (sorry for TMI) which they normally do after OV.

    Really trying to not think too much about it just in case my hopes are up for no reason and I'm just pulling random stuff not related and assuming it's PG related.

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    You can conceive from sperm deposited several days before Oing so 1.5 days is nothing. I once conceived after BDing 3 days before O so you could be in with a chance.

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