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Thread: Possible pregnancy on the pill?

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    Default Possible pregnancy on the pill?

    I missed one pill in the last week of a pill pack but continued to correctly take the next 5 active pills. I had unprotected sex on the Friday of that week (last day of the active pills), and then the following week I had the usual withdrawal bleed.

    Is it possible I could have fallen pregnant because of the missed pill? It's now 4 weeks later, if I was pregnant would it show up on a hpt if I tested now?

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    I wouldn't think it likely as you had your withdrawal bleed as normal.

    In order to have conceived, you would have needed to ovulate, the egg to fertilise and anywhere from a week to two weeks later it would have needed to implant. The withdrawal bleed you had makes this pretty unlikely.


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    Maria, as I understand it a missed pill in the first or last week of the active pills in the packet can possibly allow a pregnancy (don't know how likely, though, in your case). It depends entirely on which pill you're on tho cause the instructions differ. If it's four weeks later, then a possible pregnancy should show on a HPT, but some women don't ever get a result on a HPT, so if your period doesn't arrive you might like to get a blood test at the drs or family planning clinic.

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