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Thread: Possible to be Pregnant with 2 days of heavy period?

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    Default Possible to be Pregnant with 2 days of heavy period?

    I'm curious/new at this stuff.
    I had my period for 2 days this week- horrible cramps like never before and I still have some strange 'cramps' down there. My thoughts are that the sperm and egg actually met and danced around a bit, but something wasn't right so my body kind of spit it out.
    A few days after I ovulated, my breasts became sore and I developed different types of pimples. I just think it never implanted, or tried to, but then jumped ship.Does that make sense? Is it possible to feel the after effects of something that never really made it past 2-3 weeks? Even now I have these weird pains that come and go.


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    Hey Sadie!

    Couldnt read this without replying.
    I reckon it is possible because I think I had the same thing and the FS that we saw said the same thing to my DH and I.

    The month before we finally got officially UTD I had the feeling that we may have been pg that month, few obvious symptoms but then AF showed up a day early and my gosh was I in pain!! I'd never had an AF like that before. I was screaming from the pain and had ssoo many clotts My GP and the specialist we saw (for Endo after that AF) thought that maybe I had a chemical Pg or a very early M/C.

    It could very well be that maybe you had a chemical or a very early m/c...the bummer part is not actually ever knowing what really happened!

    But I agree that its definately possible and sounds like something was going on in there for you! Hope you get your BFP real soon! xoxo

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    Thanks! I knew I wasn't imagining/creating those events! But is it possible to be preg? My period was sooo heavy, but lasted 2.5 days... And a colleague just asked me if I am with child. And my dad said something to my sister 2 weeks ago, when the period was happening. I am due to ovulate this weekend, but if I'm not preg, I'm hoping its schedule didn't get messed up by the events. DP will be in town for my next ovulatory moment! Sad how badly one wants to be pregnant, once initial thoughts of becoming so are realized.....

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