Hi All,

I'm pretty confused at the moment so helping you ladies might have some ideas.

Last month I thought DH and I were in with a good chance. Used OPK's and had positive, dtd for about 4 days, pillow under bum, stay in bed after etc However, on day 34 AF showed up, giving me a 33 day cycle just like the month before AF was a little wierd. Went for 6 days but was never really as heavy as normal. Would be heavier in the morning and then in the afternoon I would be taking tampons out that just didn't have much on them at all. Didn't think much of it.

However, today I have been feeling off and like I'm getting my period . When I went to the toilet before there was ewcm but obviously I'm not about to O as it's too early.

What do you think could be going on????