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    Hi Guys,

    I had a thread here the other day, but since the site went back up (I noticed it was down for a while) it has disappeared.

    I got two positive tests on Saturday (11/09) and did another test on Sunday, but it said negative. I bled for two days approximately (one pad per day) and it has now stopped.

    I went to the doctor on Monday and she doesnt think that I have had a full miscarriage. She seems to think that it may have been a threatened miscarriage as I passed no clots. The test that was negative was done after I had been to the football (and had numerous glasses of coke and water) so she thinks that it could have been wrong as my urine was diluted.

    She sent me for a blood test on Monday, and I get those results tonight.

    What I guess my question is: Has anyone had this, and had a healthy baby?

    I wasn't planning for this, but I am now really excited about the thought of possibly being a mum. I lost a family member yesterday and am really devastated, and it makes it even worse as I keep thinking I may have lost the baby too.

    What do you think?

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    Oh hun, i have no advice but wanted to say i'm sorry to hear of your loss yesterday.
    I'm keeping everything crossed for you that your little bubba is still nice & secure in there. I hope today goes really quickly for you till you get your results.

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    I know it is so hard but only time will tell. I have heard many stories of things going either way - but yes the fact that you have not passed any clots is a good sign! I hope you have a sticky little bubba in there

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    Since I have had the bleeding, I still am "wet" down there (exact the same as what I had before the bleeding).

    Is this a sign of miscarriage?

    I have that, still have nausea, tingly boobs and mild cramps. I am having discharge that it a dark brown colour though. Any ideas?

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    The waiting's a killer isn't it?

    Like i said in your old thread google implantation bleeding. THere's heaps of stories out there.
    Wetness can be a sign of pregnancy.
    Dark brown discharge is old blood, so it could be the 'leftovers' but unfortunatley without time, HCG confirmation and a scan it's just an awful wait.

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    Did you get your blood test results? They will be the best thing to see what is going on.

    Sue x

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    When my mum was pregnant with me she had 3 threatened miscarriages but here i am at nearly 24 happy and healthy. I hope it all works out for you and let us know about your results!

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    Hi girls! Sorry I haven't been on to tell you the news. It wasn't good news

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    Very sorry to hear

    We are here if you need to chat

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