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Thread: Pregnant??

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    Smile Pregnant??

    Have been TTC for 3 months and i think im getting my hopes up but heres the list of Symptoms i'm having - Can anyone help??????

    Im 10 DPO

    - Nauseaus for the last week or so
    - Increase in headheads & have been get dizzyspells
    - more frequent urination
    - sore bbs & nipples getting bigger and slightly darker

    Fingers crossed

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    hey darl,

    If your 10 dpo a hpt might give you a result, but your signs sound pretty good for a
    good luck sweetie, please let us know how you go? my fingers are crossed for you and i am throwing lots and lots of your way

    I would do a test first thing tomorrow morning, and if its negitive try again in a few days.

    i am thinking of you.

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    Sounds really promising Babi Gurl. I am not sure I would test yet cos you might be disappointed if you see BFN and then still be wondering if you could still be pg but too early to tell? See how long you can wait and test a day or two before AF is due maybe. Def use a sensitive one to avoid disappointment.

    Wishing you heaps of *baby dust*

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