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Thread: Primolut N - can you get pregnant while taking it?

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    Question Primolut N - can you get pregnant while taking it?


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    Is that like the mini pill?
    Not sure about that one in particular, but on some mini pills, you still ovulate, so you can still get pregnant. Your best bet is probably to call the doctor or ask a pharmacist

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    I'm not too sure about this, I was put on primulut to bring on a bleed. I think it is a high level progesterone pill. It effects the lining ..thickening it when you stop taking it causing a bleed to occur. I usually took it 5-7 days and then stopped and with a few days I would get AF. I always took mine in the schedule time, maybe the symtoms are related to the high levels of progesterone but then again!! Ahh I'm no help

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