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Thread: Queaziness feeling after eating

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    Default Queaziness feeling after eating


    Question for those of you who have been pg before.....when you were early early (and I am talking 8 or 9 DPO) did you feel queasy and yukky in the stomach after you eat? And I mean everytime after you eat?

    I have bee feeling that yesterday and today.....although it could be just my mind playing tricks on me again (like they have for the last 4 months of TTC)

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    Hey Flossie,
    When i was pregnant with Tarleha i felt exactly what you're feeling and i also got morning sickness (didn't know that was what it was then) but i got it right from conception.
    So yes it is possible you are pregnant.
    I hope your TTC comes to an end soon i know how stressful that is.
    Good Luck and DON'T stress. If there is a bubba doesn't need you stressing.

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