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    hey all me and the DP have just started TTC ,as i said in another thread, it just sort of came to mind that i have a holiday planned in december to nz which involves flying and i was wondering what ppl know about that??? as well as that we were going to go hot air ballooning i was wondering if anyone has any idea on what effects there might be on the baby if i did manage to concieve??? i imagine its not a good idea due to the stress factor but are there other reasons?
    anyways thanks all

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    As far as I know, flying etc., is not an issue until you get to be about 34 weeks or so. And as far as the stress goes - you have to determine that yourself. How much stress will it put you under? Some are greatly bothered by flying and being out of their usual routine while on vacation, others are not. So do what seems best to you.
    Maybe someone else has more information on flying during early pregnancy, but I'd say go for it! Plan a great holiday and have fun!

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    thanks i am nervous about flying but not so much so i think it will be a prob idk lol never flown b4 might not be pg by then anyways just being hopefull i guess

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    Hi - I agree with mama of 2 - Go for it. Unless advised by your dr, you should be fine to fly - just ensure you move around etc, the usual warnings. Its generally your last trimester thats its advised to be unsafe. Have lots of fun - I'm envious

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