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    Hi girls,
    Just an update, still no period, so i am now 4 days late i think, im trying not to count grrrr. I have noticed that around the time of O, CM changes and goes a more watery consitancy. Can you explain any other changes in CM. This morning i noticed i had alot of CM and it was a milky colour, not very thick, but it wasnt watery either? Does this indicate anything...
    Please can you girls indicate what changes during MC occur, and what do they mean or indicate??. thanks

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    I am still TTC but I've read that CM can go like you discribed when pregnant, also if you are 4 days late it makes me think even more that maybe you could be pregnant. Have you done a HPT?

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    Georgette, if you google fertility friend's website (most of us have a link on signature), and sign up for the free course, it describes the stages of CM changes in quite detail. Basically, after AF, you go from dry, to sticky, to creamy, then watery, then eggwhite consistency which stretches when you get very close to O (not everyone gets eggwhite, but watery is still considered fertile CM). After O, CM dries up again pretty quickly but you may still get patches of CM (not as much as during the first phase of your cycle).

    Most important to remember is that watery or Eggwhite CM indicates you should get bedroom action happening as it's your most fertile time.

    As for changes that might indicate pregnancy, Fertility Friend's recommendation is that there aren't really any particular CM signs that would strongly indicate pregnancy. But I've noticed some girls here commenting they get heaps of CM around BFP time, then weeks after BFP they might get greenish-coloured CM.

    Best of luck !! Hope your late AF is indicative that you got it right early on !

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    Default thanks

    thanks for your comments and advise,
    im gonna keep you all posted. I did do a HPT the first day i was late, it was negative?? only a very ver faint line, just within the time limit, so still not sure on that one...
    If still no period my by tmrw, im gonna try and see the doc for BT.
    thanks again

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    I had EWCM and very watery CM around O time. At the beginning of my pregnancy, i had lots of CM. Way more than usual. I cant remember if it was more watery or thick or what, but I do remember there was definaely much more than usual.

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    Default gotta wait grrrr....

    just an update, i rang the docs this morning for an appoinment, they cant see me till next tuesday at 8.50 am grrrrrr. it stupid trying to appoinment here in england.
    Any way i still have not got my period, i think its five days late now. i have a couple of one-step htp's (any good?) so will do one later today.

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