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    I'm a newbie to these boards but have been lurking for a while . Currently
    my DP and I have TTC for the last 4 months but only seriously for this cycle (charting etc). We would dearly love to have children (me more so than DP but both keen) BUT now that we are seriously trying I find myself plagued by doubts ](*,) We have a fantastic relationship which has only gotten better and better over the last 5 years. In my quieter moments, I'm now scared that having a baby might ruin our relationship. Is this stupid?? Do other people worry about this type as stuff as well?? Will we still have time for each other if / when a bubba is born.

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    Welcome Furkids! :wave:

    IKWYM- DH and i have the best relationship- we've been TCC for 2 months. so you are NOT stupid!

    whilst i know it will change- but liek aythign its' about adjustment. i know we'll be okay we still have time for each other if / when a bubba is born.. My paln is i'm going to try to have a good support network ( freinds, family) so we can still have connect time- Me and DH will not be good if we don't have that time.

    maybe some of the girls who have kids can give you a bettter anwser.

    come and join us in the TTC thread!! 8-)

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    I read once that a baby is like a hand grenade thrown into a marriage and I think that to a certain extent its true. You will both be under more stress and tireder than ever before so some tensions are bound to surface. IMO opinion if your relationship isn't very good a baby is only going to make it worse but if you have a good relationship then a baby will certainly alter it (things will never be the same again) but that's not nessescarily a bad thing. Since becoming parents DH and I have certainly had more arguments than we had before but we have also become much closer and work more as a team. As well as being a couple we are aslo part of a family IYKWIM.

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