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    Just a quick question. We are ttc and according to opk's I ovulated yesterday. We have been BDing and hope that we have caught the eggie! Anyway I have been referred to have xrays done on my hips (have been having some hip pain and trying to determine the cause)
    So my question is is it safe to have xrays done during the 2 week wait before implantation occurs? I know that it is not safe during pregnancy but don't want to ruin our chances by getting the xrays done.
    Any help or advice is appreciated,

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    i'm not sure cuase the xray is really focused on that area so i would just ask your GP or the radiologist. i had teeth xrays done while i was pregnant and that was ok cause it was away from that area. best bet is to ask your health provider.

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    They won't do an X-Ray on your hips if there is even a chance that you are pregnant. I had a friend who wasn't sure and they required her to wait two weeks then do a pregnancy test before they would do it. I also had an x-ray on my foot a few years ago and I was covered in lead from breast to knee just to make doubly sure.

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    DD1 had a chest xray when I was about 5 mths pg with DD2 & they let me in there with a big led apron thing.
    When DD2 had to have one done 2 days before I had DS they wouldn't let me in the room, even though she was screamimg. I didn't get that coz he was full term & they would've done an xray on him straight after birth if they needed to without worrying about radiation.

    In your situation I'd give it a few weeks to make sure. As you said, you don't want to ruin your chances.

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    Thanks so much for the replies. I think I will take your advice and wait. If I am not pregnant then I can just get it done in 2 weeks time and if I am lucky enough to get my BFP then I will talk to my doctor then.
    Thanks again, much appreciated!

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