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    Bambi Guest

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    Ok, As most of you know, We have been trying for over three years now for a bubba. And nothing.
    Hubby has a low sperm count and he is now on Multi Vitamins and Zinc tablets, So we are going to check his little guys again to make sure things are working.
    Is there anything else hubby needs to check while there.
    Also since we are both going, I am going to get myself thoughly checked out. What should i ask???
    Should i ask for a Ultra Sound to make sure everything is in the right places still???
    Should i ask for a Hormone test?
    I will take my CD for the last who knows how long.
    Is there anything else i need to ask for, I want to get to the problem and fix it.
    I am confused with all this.

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    Janet Guest


    Sorry to hear you're having a hard time with ttc. Are you charting your cervical mucus? It's a brilliant, noninvasive way to see what's happening with your cycles. A good Billings teacher will be able to tell you from your charts if you have something wrong and even an idea what it is. It took me 2 years to conceive my first child because I have PCOS so you may want to check out signs of that too in case you have it. It is a syndrome so you can experience a wide variation of signs. I haven't found GPs much use on fertility stuff but I have brilliant success personally with naturopathy as it treats you as a whole person, not just potentially defective reproductive bits. Sometimes an adjustment of diet and exercise, some charting and a tonic is enough to make wonderful things happen!
    Good luck!

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    Bambi, when I went to my GP, I really only went with the intention of asking for a referral to a fertility specialist. I can't remember in great detail what we spoke about, as I have been seeing her for about 8 years, and she knows my history well.

    When I went for my first appt with the ob-gynae, for fertility issues, she asked me questions about:
    - my period history (ie from when I first started)
    - cycle lengths and previous dates
    - any previous pregnancies for either of us
    - any pain during sex, or other types of abdominal pain
    - length of TTC, frequency of BD'ing
    - my height and weight, and how often I exercise
    - my diet/nutrition
    - my job
    - my stress levels
    - my family history
    - DH's family history
    - DH's exposure to heavy metals, radiation, environmental toxins, amount of bike riding LOL

    She also gave me a physical (internal) examination, as well as palpating my abdomen. I had a whole stack of blood tests done for everything from hormone levels, STD's, viral infections etc etc etc. I had a fasting blood glucose test, and a glucose tolerance test, and then a referral for an internal ultrasound and hsg (hysterosalpingogram or something like that).

    I didn't really know what the expect either when I went to the specialist, and didn't really go prepared to ask for anything in particular ... however she was extremely thorough and covered just about everything I could think of.


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    Bambi Guest


    Thanks Janet.
    Yes i check my CM, everyday, when it comes closer to 'O' i sometimes check twice a day. I find it really helps.
    May i ask what PCOS is???
    I have had a child to a previous relationship, But since being with my hubby we have been trying for 3 years and 2 months. And we are running out of ideas.
    A Naturopath found out about me being allergic to Wheat when i was 5, She was the only person to figure it out, Dr and no one could.
    We can't afford to do much, That why we are going to a bulk billed Dr.

    Thanks for all that info Cherie.
    I will write it all down, make sure i know the answers and take them with me.
    Should i see a Dr or go and see a specialist???

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    PCOS is polycystic ovary syndrome.

    Hun, you'll have to go to a GP anyway, if only to get a referral to a specialist. It all depends on how comfortable your GP is with managing you, and what the scope of their skills are as to whether they will refer you on, or assess and treat you themselves.

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    Bambi Guest


    Thanks Cherie,
    Does it matter if i still got AF when i go, Or would it be better to go when i don't have them...
    Will have to make an appointment on a Tuesday, DH's day off.

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    Ummm ... I'm not really sure about the AF thing :-k My GP has always said that a pap smear is not as effective if you do it when you've got AF, but I don't know about other sorts of exams :smt102 Sorry!

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    Bambi Guest


    I will just wait till there finished.
    And make an appointment for the tuesday, in just over a week.

    Thanks, I am getting nervous already, I just hate Dr's. But hubby will be with me. So i should be fine.

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