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Thread: Reassurance DEFINATELY needed!!!

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    Hey ladies, not sure if this is the right place to be posting this so if it needs to be moved let me know. OK ... I need to hear some positive stories about AF after giving birth? How irregular is it? I had my first period on the 25th May and i'm still waiting for the second one. I have a feeling like it's coming soon but nothing is happening. My face has broken out, im cranky and having cramps (which i usually do a few days prior to af) but im totally freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im on the pill.. but i mean i fell pregnant last time on the pill... im so freaking worried right now and just need some reassurance that this is normal

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    KL, I think we'd all be very unlucky to fall twice on the pill Weird enough the first time, think I'd scream should it happen again. Anyhow, my last Af was like that, I was sure I was UTD, face full of pimples, cramps, cranky and miserable... just took one night of good sleep to bring it on.
    My AF has been irregular too - I'm still Bfing but she came back with a bite at 5-6 weeks

    I'm sure everything will be okay, and if you are pregnant again you're a great mum and will find a way to make it work

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    Mine has been irregular so far (I've only had 2). I got mine back in May and then nothing for 6 weeks. In that time I too got all the symptoms - pimples, cranky, mood swings, etc. She showed up eventually!

    There really is no such thing as "normal" just yet, please don't panic, I'm sure your body is still just working itself out.

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    KL - are you breastfeeding? it can be very irradic if you are ... some month you get it sometime no,

    I didnt go back on the pill after birth of DD - and was breastfeeding full time. I had to physically stop bfing to get AF back to fall preg again.

    But a few months i had the same symptoms and i took it down to just my body getting used to all the hormones... as i didnt get AF nor was Pregnant those months

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