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Thread: Rubella immunity

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    Sorry to hear you're going through this dreamrise659.
    I have no immunity to Rubella as well. Each time I am planning to conceive I need to ensure I've had the booster before falling pregnant.
    With this pregnancy however it was unplanned and I have no immunity, so I have to be careful not to be around any sick children. Unfortunately there's nothing I or the dr can do while I'm pregnant.

    Good luck with your IVF journey

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    I would be mad too

    When i was pregnant with DD i had no immunity at all.
    Dr just told me to stay away from ANYONE complaining of a sore throat or with unexplained rashes or temperatures.

    Good luck, hope you get your

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    Default Had the vaccination

    Thanks Jodie and Jessey,

    Why did you have to be reimmunised before each pregnancy? Does your body not respond properly to the immunisation? Or have you had your babies greatly spread out? Hope that's not too personal - just curious. I have been told there is a chance that my body just didn't respond to my original immunisation, in which case being re-immunised will make no difference.

    Well I got my immunisation done yesterday. That in itself was a huge stress as no pharmacy in Ballarat had the stuff in stock so I was told it would have to be ordered from Melbourne and I might not be able to get it until Tuesday (due to Easter). I was starting to think I was never going to be able to get started. Anyway in the end the Doctor used an emergency supply and I had to order and pay the chemist to replace this... atleast it's done now and I can start my countdown to IVF all over again.

    I am still so ****ed off about the whole thing. The clinic acknowledged that it wasn't very good. I want to request that they pay any additional costs associated with this delay now (for example the extra drugs that I now have to pay for which I wouldn't have needed if I hadn't had to pause at this point - $100, I have to have an additional scan too so not sure how much more that will cost). I don't see why I should be out of pocket for their mistake... it's bad enough that I have to delay my treatment which means if I am successful I won't get any paid maternity leave (if I had been successful on my first attempt without having any delays I would have still got 5 weeks maternity leave but due to when my contract expires now I will get none!).

    I know people say that the first IVF cycle is often like a practice run because they are playing around with drug doses etc so not to expect to get pregnant first go but now I'm not even having my first go... it's just another delay and I started this journey in Dec 06 so I feel like it has already been forever and I just want things to start happening. I had 3 Aritifical insemination cycles last year without success and prior to that spent 18 months looking for a suitable donor and then 6 months monitoring my weird cycles through the clinic.

    I turn 37 in June and I just feel like time is running out... I don't need any more delays.


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    It just seems that my body doesn't store it for very long? Don't know really. There's only a small gap between my kids. 21 months between DD1 & DD2 and there will be 27 months between DD2 & DD3. Once I have the booster my levels are ok for what seems to be around 2 years, then they start reducing.

    So sorry that it's caused yet another delay for you.

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    Dreamrise - I would also be very angry with your clinic and expect them to pay your out of pocket costs. I'm sorry this has happened. Good luck!!!

    I also have a low rubella count and now that I got my period today and am not pregnant need to decide if I will have the booster.
    For my first pregnancy I had a low immunity and it was suggested that I get it rechecked next time. Well I did this a few weeks ago and it is low but not as low as last time (don't ask me how). I didn't get the shot at the time because I wanted to see if I was pregnant first. I am still not sure I want to wait 3mths though. The trouble I have is that I work in childcare and my DD is in childcare so I am prbably at a high risk. I am apparently in the high end of the low zone so not sure what to do.

    Has anyone out there tried homeopathics???

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